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Rena Niehaus nude, near explicit, full frontal, in Oedipus orca(1977)

Rena Niehaus near explicit full nude in "Oedipus orca" (1977)

Oedipus Orca is the sequel to La Orca both directed by Visconti and starring Rena Niehaus. In La Orca a high school aged girl played by Niehaus is kidnapped and held for ransom, while the second movie Oedipus Orca is about her life with her family and boyfriend after she returns home. The first film was somewhat controversial and labeled pornographic by some due to its exploitive nudity and sexuality involving a teenage girl (Rena is rumoured to have actually been 21 or 22 at the time). The second is less focused and sometimes seems like it was done purely as an exploitive film. Which OK in since Rena is involved in nearly explicit sex, masturbation ... scenes.

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