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Thank you for visiting my blog.

As you can see it’s quite big blog, counting: [sbs_posts] posts and constantly growing. Since hosting my videos on various file hosters it’s constant nightmare with dead links. Host come and go leaving huge amount of broken download links, I’m re uploading most of it daily, but this will take some time.

Since I change my theme I start doing some re up of my links. I can do that in my free time as hobby, like the editing that means that link regeneration want be that fast.

When you ask me to re up links it’s actually help for me. So don’t hesitate! You can do it by writing a comment directly on the thread
  • 11-Oct-2019 My UPLOADED account was blocked, no more UL link
  • 16-Mar-2019 Switch back to dark theme
  • 5-Jun-2018 Fix scrolling bug
  • 01-Aug-2015 New layout
  • 18-Oct-2014 Infinite Scroll quite cool!?
  • 16-Oct -2014 New layout.
  • 1-Nov-2013 Add 1 click “Report Boken Links” button below links. Just click, don’t miss use it!
  • 22-Oct -2013 Some DF links will be with pass : hef
  • 3-April- 2013True Blood season 4 and 5 all re uploaded some redone add missed one’s. Added as menu item in TV Series
  • 28-March -2013- Nearly all 1080p videos sorted and re uploaded!
  • 20-March-2013 Moving to new server some interruption may occur!
  • 20-March-2013 Mariah Bonner hd720p added
  • Finish Boss TV Show all tidy and new info page
  • Shameless all done
  • New menu item Hot TV Shows sub menu with list if show already fixed
  • Decide to Sort organize and re up TV Show first
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Can you start a new UL account?

michael frank

what about zorg. most of the sites are using this file sharing nowadays

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