Thursday , February 22 2018


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  1. I was wondering if you were going to post pictures of Alia Shawkat from the movie Paint It Black. It is like it doesn’t exist anywhere!

  2. Love the site.

    Would love to see all the sex and nudity scenes from the USA TV SHOW MAD MEN broken out into 1080p video clips.

    Thank you, ntm

  3. Please contact me.

  4. Hi Zorg, Ive downloaded VLA program and tried everything to make the file play. What do I need to do? your old system was easy. happy to pay you a fee, but I dont wish to pay the premium price that is the same system of the one that won’t work. What can I do please?

    • Hi Chantal

      All my files work perfectly, many daily downloads and no complains?
      All videos are compressed in .rar file. You have to uncompressed it first with the (pass: hef)
      You can use free utility

      When you do that you will get video with extension .mp4 (90% of my videos) or .avi for some older videos. All play great in VLC, Even in standard Windows media player. You may ask why compress. This is to protect links from deleting.

      Well, I know this is not so straightforward as it was on my member site, since those vids are now hosted on online file lockers. I don’t get any benefits except I can host my videos for free with them. On the other hand they are frustrating if you don’t by premium a/c with them. I have no benefits from that. But I buy it myself too to download tons of stuff that I later edit.

      Please let me know on which OS are you Windows or Mac? or? If you are on win please on file explorer tick in menu->view>file name extension. So you can see what kind of extension the video file have. If you uncompressed end get (.mp4) or (.avi) extension they will play perfect in VLS or Windows Media Player. But you must be sure you uncompressed it correctly.

      Well sorry for all this trouble, please let me know if you still have problems.

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